I’ve read somewhere that you are what you are and what you hope to be, at any given time, at any given place, do not refrain to call yourself what you are hoping to be, in some ways you already are, and when you call yourself that, you are more likely to be it, than the second person.

So without further ado(had to google that up, ADO, really?)

Born in 23rd of November 1996, always the troublemaker Lucas(Lightbringer) Russo(Red) my own name spoiled me episode 7 that’s due this december, Filmmaker, Blogger, Youtuber(which is the same as filmblogger), Concept Artist, Writer, Vagabond, and most of all i try to be a good human being.

You can find me at:






Youtube is my favorite by far xD, you can find more about me on couch surf(i really spent some time making a killer ‘about me’ didn’t wanna to sleep on the street when i got abroad) and the other social medias.

Hope you enjoy the blog and the youtube i’ll be trying to get content as consistently as possible, but all in all, i’m doing this because i really wanted to share Sixsmith with the world, that is my personal diary that i explore all kinds of ideas and stuff, perhaps a some souls out there will like reading my logs and if not that’s okey, i don’t give a shit anyway kemosabe.


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