Hello Internet!

This is my teeny, bitty, teensy-weensy, lilliputian(Yes those are all synonyms to the word very small) part of the internet xD.

It’s going to be the place that i’m going to record my Travels and share Sixsmith, my long lasting diary that i’ve always wanted to share with the world.

I’m also launching my youtube channel in conjuction to this, that means some things will be going back and forth between those. Some topics are better explored in words(I like writing), and others in videos(I Love filming), and sometimes i’ll want to get into more detail and stuff, that’s when i’ll post it here.Notice me Senpai

That’s me huehue, being none other than myself, nice to meet ya(in my dwarven voice, i have a lvl 90 dwarf hunter from the Lich King era)

I promise i’ll try to approach subjects with a certain maturity, all my words here are of my utmost sincerity, and just when you think you’re exposing too much of yourself, that’s when you’re doing it right, i guess Neil Gaiman said that, i’m about to find if it’s true.

That means you’ll see an insecure person, pretty much like yourself,  sometimes i don’t know what to think, and maybe previus experiences will give me a fucked up insight. I really hope you’ll get my point and understand it not judge it, i’ll be dying to know what you think aswell, and problably be influeced by some of you or not.

Well that’s a long introduction, i can’t wait to look back on this a year from now, the things that will be changed are pretty scary but thats exactly when you have to jump, i don’t wanna stay on the sameplace forever. Don’t forget to check my youtube channel,  thats it sixsmith i’m out!

Ohhh and did i metion i sometimes metion YOU as Sixsmith? No? Because that’s a pretty big thing, it’s name of my journal, idk why but it makes it easier to express my fellings(which are already dam hard to get into words) talking to someone , anything to make this look easier, and there’s Robert Frobisher from Cloud Atlas writing letters to his Lovers Sixsmith, i stole it pretty much , it’s cool as fuck those scenes, loved the book by the way, i even have a Log in my journal about it, problably 2, remind me to post it xD happy reading!

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